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What Does An Airline Ticket Agent Do

Anyone who wants to travel by using an airline service is required to by a ticket from one of the Ticket Agents of the particular airline. As you could figure, Airline Ticket Agents are responsible for such ticket sales. but their responsibilities and duties go beyond just selling tickets. Here we are looking at what airline ticket agents do.

Responsibilities of Airline Ticket Agents

Airline ticket agents perform routine administrative obligations, for example, maintaining records, collecting information, and providing information to customers.

Airline ticket agents ordinarily do the following:

  • Gather and record information from customers, staff, and general society
  • Get ready routine reports, claims, bills, or requests
  • Document and maintain paper or electronic records
  • Answer inquiries from customers and general society about items or services

Airline ticket agents perform routine office bolster works in an association, business, or government. They use phones, PCs, and other office gear, for example, scanners and fax machines.

Different Types of Ticket Agents

Although it is not widely known by most customers, there is various type of ticket agents that shares different tasks.

Order clerks

This type of ticket agent gets orders from customers and procedure installments. For instance, they may enter customer information, for example, locations and installment strategies, into the request passage framework. They additionally answer inquiries concerning costs and shipping.

Document agents

This type of ticket agent maintains electronic or paper records. They enter and recover information, compose records, and document archives. In associations with electronic filing frameworks, record agents check and transfer reports.

Eligibility interviewers

This type of ticket agents direct interviews both face to face and via telephone to determine if candidates fit the bill for government help and advantages. They answer candidates’ inquiries concerning programs and may allude them to different offices for help.

Correspondence clerks

This type of ticket agent reacts to inquiries from the general population or customers. They plan standard reactions to demands for the stock, harm claims, delinquent records, incorrect billings, or complaints about inadmissible services. They likewise may survey the association’s records and type reaction letters for their managers to sign.

Court agents

This type of ticket agent arranges and maintains court records. They set up the schedule of cases, otherwise called the docket, and inform lawyers and observers about court appearances. Court representatives additionally get record, and forward court reports.

HR Agents

This type of ticket agent offers administrative help to HR administrators. They maintain workforce records on representatives, including their addresses, business history, and execution assessments. They may post information about employment opportunities and assemble applicants’ list of qualifications for a survey.


This type of ticket agents direct interviews via telephone, face to face, through the mail, or online. They utilize the information to finish structures, applications, or polls for statistical surveying reviews, evaluation structures, and medicinal accounts. Interviewers ordinarily follow set methods and surveys to obtain explicit information.

License clerks

This type of ticket agents process applications for licenses and allows, administer tests, and gather application expenses. They determine if candidates are able to get specific licenses or if extra documentation should be submitted. They likewise maintain records of utilizations got and licenses gave.

Municipal clerks

This type of ticket agent offers administrative help for town or regional authorities by maintaining government records. They record, maintain, and disperse minutes of town and city gathering meetings to nearby authorities and staff and help get ready for races. They likewise may answer demands for information from nearby, state, and government authorities and people in general.

Reservation and transportation ticket agents and travel assistants take and affirm travelers’ bookings for hotels and transportation. They additionally sell and issue tickets and answer inquiries concerning itineraries, rates, and bundle tours. Ticket agents who work at airports and railways additionally check sacks and issue boarding go to travelers.