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10 Top Travel Titles In Travel Industry

When travel titles are considered, becoming a travel agent is what most people think first. But being a travel agent isn’t your possible professional alternative when looking to change into the travel industry. There are stacks more vocation ways out there for you to pick. From managing a travel organization to writing about your travel encounters; we are looking at the 10 top travel industry jobs. You can consider these careers if you want to get into this industry.

Travel Agent

A travel agent, or what we call a travel consultant, helps customers by making travel plans for business or occasion purposes. Peruse this blog to perceive what a typical day for a travel agent involves…

Team Leaders

Head up a team of travel agents in a Team Leader job for a travel office. A Team Leader is required to drive the presentation and guarantee their workers are meeting their KPIs for business achievement. Without Team Leaders, travel organizations would not be as effective!

Tour Guide

A tour guide is a customer’s closest companion. They help make their travel dreams a reality by exploring notable tourist spots, telling the historical backdrop of various destinations, and introducing them to new societies.


Working in recruitment within the travel industry implies that you are an expert in recruiting possibilities for jobs within the industry; like a portion of these! The determination criteria will be diverse in different industries.

A Flight Attendant

Additionally, known as a cabin group, stewards, the air has cabin attendants. Utilized via airlines as a major aspect of the aircrew to guarantee the security and solace of travelers installed business flights.

Airport Check-In Officer

Airlines utilize check-in officials to help travelers. They sort out the boarding pass, check things and choose or affirm the seating on the airplane.

Cruise Consultant

A cruise consultant is known to be a pro with regard to cruising. They assist book with dreaming cruising occasions for the ordinary cruise travel sweetheart.

Ticketing Agent

A Ticketing Agent is somebody with high tender loving care. They are liable for physically issuing tickets and making ticket reservations among airlines and travel offices.

Wholesale Consultant

A wholesale consultant is the center man between travel agents and wholesale suppliers, similar to Infinity Holidays. At the point when a client enters a retail location, they may approach the travel agent for an exceptional occasion bundle that doesn’t exist. A wholesale consultant is then answerable for creating this novel occasion bundle and sending it back to the travel agent, who at that point imparts it to the customer and books it in!


Trainers in the travel industry have an abundance of past industry experience — they have to know the ins and outs of all parts of the travel industry before they can show the ins and outs!

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